Alientrick is for those who aim to be the best!

Aim to be the best doesn’t always mean you're the best;
It means that you want to get the most out of yourself, 
that you keep challenging your environment, so that you will become stronger.
It is an ambition, a state of mind. Something you believe in. 

We believe in knowledge, creativity and technology.
Wanting to achieve the very best, so that we make brands better and stronger. 
We create concepts, media expressions and software solutions for the best! 

In 2016 we took ‘brand-marketing’ a little too serious (Dutch pun)16 December 2016
By Alien - In 2016 we got struck by a fire, we introduced knowledge...
Extraterrestrial Creativity
Inspire your audience with email marketing06 December 2016
By Marlou Scholten -
Marlou Scholten
Marlou Scholten
Web Developer
New corporate identity Groneman21 November 2016
By Maryke Mondria - Groneman is a specialist in connection-, power-,...
Maryke Mondria
Maryke Mondria
Project Manager
Be inspired by our motion showreel!18 November 2016
By Raymond van Cleef - Like in previous years our Motion team worked...
Raymond van Cleef
Raymond van Cleef
Creative Director


  • Briefing
  • Concept/Analysis
  • Realization
  • Completion
  • Evaluation


We start with a meeting to listen to any requirements and wishes you have. We combine these with our advice in a debriefing. After agreement, this will be the start of your project.


We start with this approved debriefing and we look for the best solution. The concept and analysis are tested, and together with the functional and visual design presented to you.


After approval of the presented solution we start with the realization . The goal is to create what you had in mind and possibly even more. We’ll continue until you are satisfied.


The project is finished and will be delivered to you. After this we keep in touch. Our goal is to think proactively with our clients.


Did we match your expectations? Did we achieve the quality you had in mind? Did we use the right techniques? This is what we evaluate with our client and within our team. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be even stronger next time.


A selection of clients for whom we create beautiful things.

QuintiZ Business Festival Regiofund Raedthuys OSG Hengelo Strukton Cogas Gemeente Almelo AFAS Saxion Hogescholen Dual Inventive Maartje

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