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Name creation, rebranding and website implementation
Logo Axero

Axero, driven by cars

Car company Beernink & de Bekker needed a new name and new positioning due to an internal reorganization. They approached us to resolve this strategic issue. After a joint positioning trajectory, they continue, full throttle, by the name Axero. A new identity, cutting-edge positioning and on top of that, a brand new location.


The name Beernink & de Bekker has been a well-known name in Enschede and its surroundings. But the name no longer fitted in with the ambition to grow internationally. In addition to strategic sessions, we’ve done a few creative sessions together with a core team. The result of these name-creation sessions ultimately became the brand name Axero.

Driven by cars

Driven by cars

We believe that a new brand name goes hand in hand with a new visual identity. For Axero, we’ve designed a brand concept with a strong and recognizable logo. In addition to that, we’ve developed the powerful pay-off β€˜Driven by cars’. The pay-off has been tested against the results of the creative and strategic sessions.


One of the means we have realized is the new website. The old, informative, website has been replaced by a fresh and modern website containing a webshop. The concept of a web store has not been done before in the international trading & remarketing industry. This means Axero is at the forefront of the B2B market again. In addition, various means of communication have been designed: work clothing, reusable water bottles, bags, pens, business cards and much more.



The core team of Beernink & de Bekker were the only people in the organization who knew what the new name would be. To present Axero to the staff, we came up with an internal launch. In order to do this, we created an animation which shows the transition from the old name to the new Axero.

In addition, Axero had to be externally promoted. A week prior to the internal launch, we started with an external teaser campaign where we let people know that "something" was coming. Through a banner and social media campaign, the target audience was directed to a landing page that we created specifically for this launch. After the external launch, it migrated into an online activation campaign in which we announced that Beernink & de Bekker continues as Axero.

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