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Job opening campaign for the city government of Hengelo

City government - Hengelo

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Oktober 2018

We were asked an interesting question by the people who work at the city government of Hengelo. There are job openings. Twelve of them. But how can they attract young adults and adolescents to fill those positions?

This question arose from a so-called ‘generation pact’ that had been realized last year. This gives older employees a chance to reduce their working hours, making it easier to hire younger employees.

Recognizable recruitment campaign

To find and recruit young adults, we came up with the ironic sounding concept ‘working at the city government is not for you’.

We’ve opted for recognizability: young, prospective colleagues are calling for applicants via a microsite we developed.

Working at the city government is not for you!

In order to connect this campaign to our target audience (young adults), we collaborated with photography agency ‘Done. by Tjeerd Derkink’.

We photographed young employees who were working at the city government to create recognizable campaign images. These images were then used in city displays in the streets of Hengelo and surrounding cities.

"AlienTrick created a creative and stimulating campaign for us, cleverly using online and offline media to reinforce each other. This campaign was the talk of the day at many other city governments and even received a nomination from Futur, the national young officiary network."


Remy Maessen
Communications advisor Government of Hengelo

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Online campaign

We dared our target audience to apply for one of the twelve vacancies at the city government by stating ‘working at the city government is not for you’ on each means of communication. Unless of course you have ‘innovative ideas’ or an ‘unshakeable confidence’ and a number of other qualities.

In addition to city displays along the road, we reached the target group using an online campaign on various social media channels using the hashtag #werkenbijhengelo (work at Hengelo).

Applying for one of the twelve available jobs was possible through the website we developed specifically for this campaign ( Because of this, we were able to see how many people had visited the site.


The recognizability of this concept was what made this campaign such a success, even within the city government. The employees pictured in the campaign have become ambassadors for both the campaign as well as for the city government of Hengelo.

The city government of Hengelo has been closely involved throughout this whole process, which made the collaboration a nice one. After many positive responses, twelve new young people are now employed at the city government of Hengelo!


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