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Rosen Ecospeed Service

In order to effectively clean pipelines, cleaning robots must travel through them at a speed of 3M/s. Gas travels through the pipelines much faster, at 8M/s. Production would have to be slowed down for the cleaning robots to work effectively. This would be noticeable in the proceeds. ROSEN developed a tool that allows the product to pass through the pipes without needing to slow down production, thus maintaining a regular gas flow. We were asked to develop a promo video to demonstrate this.


The video shows how the cleaning/gas flow process works. The biggest challenge proved to be the fact that this tool was patented, so we weren’t allowed to show how it works in full detail. So, while the process remains a bit of a secret, we still wanted the story to be told properly.

To do this, we created a setting close to a pipeline, with a refinery in the background, making sure it’s clear what this product is all about.



It was quite interesting (and definitely a challenge) to show how this process works, despite having to keep most of it a secret. The video was a great success for ROSEN. We too are pleased (and proud of) the result!

Watch a VFX-breakdown video below, where we show you the process of how the video was created.



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