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Sandd: a Dutch delivery company with innovative power. Right now they are the second largest postal delivery service in the Netherlands and they’re still growing. Recently, the office has undergone a metamorphosis; the reception room was redecorated and everything looks nice and fresh again. There is a narrowcasting system on which the weather and the news were shown, but there was one thing missing ...

Entertainment while you wait

Sandd wanted visitors to be able to do something interactive, something that occupied them while they waited. Often you can’t do much else in a reception room than look around or browse through an old magazine. What if you could play a game instead? With this idea in mind, Sandd contacted us at AlienTrick. They presented a fun challenge for us: to develop a game that doesn’t take too long to play and is easy to understand. Entertainment while you wait!

Bart Brentjens & the road to Tokyo 2020

Bart Brentjens & the road to Tokyo 2020

We did some research on what kind of game would fit the reception room of Sandd. We knew that Sandd was the main sponsor for mountain bike medalist Bart Brentjens. Could that be the match we were looking for? We sketched up an idea, made a concept and took it to Sandd. They loved the idea and we were able to get started right away!



The result is this fun bike game. The player plays Bart Brentjens, who cycles through a Japanese landscape and has to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. If you succeed, you gain a spot in the high scores! The high score gets reset every week, so that it remains a fun challenge for new visitors. We designed the game and transferred the controls from the keyboard to a touch screen. An incredibly fun project to do!

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