Time is like a snowglobe you shake it and everything changes...

...now it's that very special time of the year filled with cozy nights, Christmas trees and endless Netflix-bingewatching.

AlienTrick wishes you a Merry Christmas with lots of joy, (virtual) hugs and a happy healthy New Year!

Hi, we’ve got a personal wish for you!  

I wish you a very nice and warm Christmas, filled with love, peace and lots of sweets! :-) Enjoy your family, friends and colleagues. 2021 is going to be a beautiful year full of energy and fun. That's what I wish for everyone, see you soon!

Raymond van Cleef

With the belief that 2021 will unfold fantastically. We're already looking a little bit ahead. Your confidence in us this year was extraordinary. And so we wouldn't like to leave this unsaid. Thank you for the friendships that have arisen. Let's have a toast on being together again, we'll keep wishing.

Dimitri van der Burgt

Best wishes from outer space! Let’s hope in 2021 the world returns to normal.

Arne van Tintelen

Thank you for keeping us going strong into 2021. Hopefully we’ve done the same for you! Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2021. Let’s make that year count and come out stronger than ever!

Roland Nieuwenhuis

2021 will be a year full of new opportunities & dreams. My wish for you: that these all may come true!

Steffanie van Loo

I wish you Happy Holidays together with your loved ones and a prosperous 2021. Hopefully it will be a creative and healthy year for all of us!

Martijn Houtman

I wish you a healthy Christmas and a no-pandemic New Year! Let’s animate a better 2021!

Dennis Teusink

Happy Holidays! Wishing everyone a New Year full of health, fun, success and adventure!

Jurre Spiegelenberg

I hope your Christmas days will be just like you: awesome!

Dennis Wessels

Merry everything and a happy always!

Stef Roelofs

Wishing you very happy & healthy Holidays filled with love and a amazing 2021! Enjoy it!
This year will be magic!

Laureth van den Berg

Much love and cheers to a Happy New Year!

Tessa van Coesant

12 months of fun, 52 weeks of love and 365 new days where you can achieve AMAZING things. These are my wishes for 2021. Happy holidays!

Linda Dubbink

A brand New Year is about to begin. Relax. Enjoy. Read books. Sleep late. Eat too much and laugh. Enjoy Christmas and warm wishes for 2021!

Jeroen Stegeman

Happy Holidays! … and let's hope next year will be a little less exciting! ;-)

Paul Bremmers

Happy Holidays to you all. Hopefully you’re able to enjoy them with your family and friends. Let’s make the most out of 2021!

Kelly Stamborg

Happy Holidays and on to a happy, healthy and succesful 2021!

Senad Dzaferovic

Let's forget 2020 as soon as possible and make 2021 the most beautiful year ever. Merry Christmas!

Tony van Schaik