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Sheena Layik

Sheena enjoys a clear overview, wants to work on what she can be proud of, and finds it important to have fun in life.

As a project manager she can put her organizational skills to good use. She enjoys being with friends and going out together or doing other fun activities. To relax, she likes to watch a good series or movie and she enjoys kickboxing and focuses on strength training.

She has a rich cultural background as being both half-Chinese and half-Turkish; with this background comes a diverse range of cuisine.

Accordingly, she enjoys cooking, but without meat and preferably plant-based. Sustainability plays a big role in her life and she also enjoys being creative. For instance, she made her roof top terrace as cozy as possible on a small budget in the heart of Hengelo. She also has a great love for meeting new cultures, places and people and eventually wants to have seen (most of) the world. Sheena is always in for an adventure!

Project Manager

+31 74 76 20 237

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