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Group 2000 corporate movie

Group 2000

Our role
3D animation
Motion graphics

Corporate movie

February 2019

To approach potential customers, we devised a luxury brochure with video content together with Group 2000.

The corporate movie, which we created specifically for this brochure, has also been used in other communication channels including YouTube and the Group 2000 website.


The challenge of this corporate  movie was to show Group 2000's vision, services and products in a catchy film.

The goal of the film is for it to be an affirmation for the potential client, triggering them to go to the website and contact us.


After approving our script in combination with some style frames, we entered extensive pre-production. 

By creating final style frames for each scene and an animatic for the flow and timing of the project, we stayed well within the deadline. The final delivery was approved in one go and Group 2000 was extremely pleased with the end result. The result speaks for itself!

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