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A new identity for OSG Hengelo
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A new website for OSG Hengelo

OSG, or ‘Openbare Scholen Gemeenschap’, roughly translates to ‘a community of public schools’. OSG Hengelo consists of four separate educational institutions—and one desire to be more like a community. In order to achieve that sense of togetherness, new websites had to be created. We provided a clear analysis, a plan of action and with that vision, we won the pitch.

What did we do?

We developed no less than five websites (four for the separate schools and one for the more general website of OSG). Obviously we couldn’t just make five websites and call it a day. We were asked to advice OSG about a new brand identity and the brand architecture. We also gave advice about a rebranding.

What did we do?
Volledige breedte afbeelding

A sense of togetherness

All four schools were given a new visual identity. They now have their own separate logo and look, but are still part of OSG as an endorsed brand.

Volledige breedte afbeelding


The five websites have a very similar look and use similar technology. For each separate school, certain functionalities can be switched on and off. Implementing this technology, we used ‘Wordpress multisite’.



This proved to be a challenging and diverse project. We developed the websites, a new marketing & communication strategy, a rebranding and a variety of communication means. We had an absolute blast working on this in collaboration with OSG, and could not be more proud of the end result.

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