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June 2022

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The market is constantly changing, products are evolving and also your competitors are not sitting around doing nothing. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a critical look every now and then at how your brand is positioning itself. Does it still meet demand and is it distinctive enough?

At Predia the need arose for a redesign of the brand, triggered by their ambition to conquer the European market. A nice challenge for us that starts with defining the strategy.


Predia is growing and with the ambition to address Europe and thereby multiple markets, we started a repositioning process. Good positioning is the basis for every marketing strategic choice that is made.

Do you have a good idea of the positioning of your company or brand? To determine this, it is important to answer some fundamental questions, such as who is your target audience and what is the distinctiveness of your product or brand? Predia offers solutions in the areas of presentation, conferencing, teaching and communication. Their interactive touchscreens, displays, charging carts and accessories are well known in the market.

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Let's get interactive!

We start from the idea that you know your target audience best. Predia, as part of the Odin Group, has many years of experience in the audiovisual industry.

During an interactive, strategic session with a large part of the marketing and sales team, together we delved deeper into Predia's target group and USPs. Because of their expertise, they know their target audience inside out. Using an archetypal approach, together with the team we determined the positioning and branding for Europe, by asking those questions that make you look at your daily business from a different perspective. An interactive session is the key to getting the right direction to determine the right positioning for different vertical markets.

A strategic session like this creates a lot of energy and enthusiasm and then it's up to us to shape the repositioning. In doing so, it is important to start from a clear definition. It quickly became clear to us that Predia is more than a manufacturer. Predia is a producer of presentation technology. This definition formed the basis for the new corporate identity and branding campaign.

Tune in to your target audience

And it didn't stop there, because a new corporate identity should be seen! Predia is a powerful, open and approachable brand and this is reflected in the website and campaign concepts.

We took the positioning and branding and the needs of the target group into account when determining the structure of the website and web design. In collaboration with Limesquare, this strategy and web design came to life at

By starting from a clear key visual with corresponding style elements, it is possible to work out elements from the entire marketing mix. It ensures that your brand has a strong and clear appearance and it contributes to professionalism.

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Show it

Why tell everything, when you can also show it? In the unique 3D Predia world you can see what Predia can offer in terms of presentation technology and through icons we show what functionalities and wide range of possibilities they have. A versatile and clear starting point to discover what this brand stands for.

Together with the enthusiastic Predia team, we mapped out a strategy for the long term. Looking ahead through strategic positioning ensures that you can quickly anticipate changes in the market. With the launch of the new corporate identity, campaign and website, Predia is ready to conquer the European market. The starting shot has been fired and we will keep you updated on the latest developments of this beautiful brand via our social media in the coming period!


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