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How-to JBL Quantum


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December 2020

The moment is finally here: your product is available in stores and in webshops online. Based on your strategic marketing plan you’re promoting your product and sales are going rapidly. But obviously the customer journey doesn’t stop there. A lot of people tend to do their research online by watching reviews before making a purchase.

After purchasing, it's also important that your target group ahas an optimal product experience: we have a arrived at the care phase. Increase the brand experience and ensure a good product expierence. What can you do to approach your target audience in the right way in this phase? Think about creating a How-to video, as we did for the new JBL Quantum gaming headsets.

Timing and application

The timing to launch the JBL Quantum headsets couldn’t be better. Gaming is booming!

Worldwide E-gaming events reaches thousands of viewers on a variety of online platforms. Especially during the COVID pandemic the demand for high quality gaming headphones is exploding. Especially now, the Care phase, besides product quality, is essential to keep these gamers returning to JBL or even better: recommending the JBL Quantum headphones to their friends. A great and easy way to clearly explain the installation, use of microphone or ways to connect the headphone to a variety of devices is a How-to video.

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Tune in with your target audience

There are different ways to explain the use of a product, you can add a manual to the product box for instance.

But how does your target group normally do their research? Where do they find their information? Off course… Online! The same goes for the JBL Quantum Series target group. It's fast and online search engines are always within reach. Based on the right search words they'll reach a landingpage where they can find all the JBL Quantum videos. And with the right call to actions on the page, they will probably check out other pages and products on your website. And that's, off course, what it’s all about.

"Based on the right search terms, they end up on the website where the videos are. With the right call to actions you can ensure that they also visit other pages on the website: and of course you want that!"


How-to in video

Makes things easier for your target audience and create a fast, short and interesting video.

Easily show them what to do, without them having to read long texts or documents. The how-to videos are informative and appropriately styled to match the brand and target audience. For JBL we made three videos which contain the most important features of the headphones: How to Connect, How to use the microphone and How to pair. The JBL Quantum series features seven different headphones with different options, and all of them are shown in the videos.

The strategy

What does the care-phase look like in the customer journey that your client experiences?

By making this visible it’s an easier and better way to bind and inform your customers. You are making sure that they will return more often and maybe even become an ambassador of your brand. Curious what we can do in order to help you? Read more about what we do, and let's reach better results together!


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