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Kersten Techniek

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December 2022

A fossil-free future revolves on large-scale electrification and heat transition. Kersten Techniek is working towards collective fossil-free systems for heating and cooling, developing more and more new techniques to accelerate this energy transition.

Kersten Techniek has taken a new direction with a matching new mission and vision. To better map this out, they started a repositioning process with us, which we will translate into a new branding and website.


Good marketing starts with a well thought-out strategy. We especially want to get a sharp focus on what distinguishes Kersten Techniek as a company (USPs), according to which brand values they operate (DNA) and which target groups they see as ideal clients.

By already involving stakeholders from the various departments at this stage, support will increase and we can count on more intrinsic motivation to actively participate in our future marketing activities. This also contributes to unity and shared direction.

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We began with an internal and external survey to gather input. We then discussed this input in a strategic session with stakeholders.

From the renewed corporate strategy, we have converted it into objectives per market and target group. We also used a customer journey to determine who the reference persons are and mapped out which communication channels play a role in this. It is important that the target group agrees with the image of the brand. We do this by establishing the brand character of Kersten Techniek.

DNA and playbook

Now that we understand what the target audience wants and what the market is like in which they move, we can start capturing everything in a DNA and playbook. Who is Kersten Techniek, what is the brand character of Kersten Techniek, what are its talents and how do they tell their story? But we will also describe how Kersten Techniek can respond to the aspirations of the target groups with communication and which means we will deploy in which phase. A great start for establishing the branding.

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Based on the propositions, we set up a wireframe, which we use to determine the new structure and navigation of the website. We reused the existing elements as much as possible and made the website appealing to the main target groups. The result is a clear, well-organized and user-friendly website.

What do the personnel who wear the clothing and drive the buses think of the rebranding? Do they feel comfortable, can they proudly stand behind the Kersten Techniek brand? You can only find this out if you include this group within your company in the process. This was done by occasionally giving them a sneak peek at what's on offer. And during the Christmas party the new corporate identity was unveiled, by showing a completely stickered bus and a clothing set.


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