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A virtual journey for the true car lover

VDM Cars

Our role


January 2024

VDM Cars is well known among true car enthusiasts. Are you a car lover or just curious? Then keep reading because at VDM Cars, dreams come true.

Here you will find cars that meet all expectations and maybe even more. VDM Cars delivers outstanding and exclusive cars and has an international network that allows them to constantly have an exceptional assortment. They also offer extra service in any area: leasing, worldwide transportation, car searches, you name it.

"An international, independent car company with the world’s exclusive and luxury investment & sports cars."

VDM Cars

A suitable luxurious style

Thus, VDM Cars stands for luxury and exclusivity and they want to express this online as well. Needless to say, the focus is on cars with a luxurious and high-end appearance. In addition, the website must give the same feeling on mobile devices as the desktop version and be just as user-friendly.

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The journey of the car enthusiast

At AlienTrick, we first look at the vision and people behind VDM Cars, as this is the basis of the process and the final result. In addition, we studied the specific target group and how they use the website. We provided insight into the customer journey of the target group and completely adapted the sitemap, in which the structure of the website is written out accordingly.

Vision clearly in sight

Based on the briefing and the input, we created a website that meets all the requirements... and maybe even more. When you land on the homepage it immediately becomes clear what VDM Cars stands for: luxury and exclusivity. As a visitor, your attention immediately goes to the visuals that are deliberately displayed large and clean, but also the modern, sporty font and color combinations make the website a good reflection of VDM Cars and what they stand for.

The main focus is on the range of exclusive cars. So what does the real car lover want to see? Right, quality and detailed photography. To easily and conveniently scroll through these photos, we have devised a double slider: one for the exterior and one for the interior of the car. Of course, true car enthusiasts also know what is under the hood. Hence, each car is shown with a comprehensive description and plenty of technical specifications and details.

For this purpose, software interfaces have been built with the existing car systems which they use to process, manage and display all details of the cars on the website.


For VDM Cars, delivery is successful when their online appearance matches the character and image of VDM Cars. But creating conversion is also important. We made sure that each car has a clear CTA and that people immediately know how and who to contact for more information or, of course, a test drive.

We are very proud of the end result; the luxurious, high-end look of VDM Cars now really shines through! Curious about the website? Check it out here.


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