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ISE 2024 - Philips Professional Displays

Philips Professional Displays

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Q1 2024

7 product launches, 2 months of production time & 1 trade show. Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) '24 in Barcelona was just around the corner again and that meant our team got to work. The process we went into in this case together with the marketing, product & support team of Philips Professional Displays was intense, but above all motivating, creative and dynamic.

In this compilation, we discussed the new products and applications being launched. Who constitutes the target audience? How do we market the product? What are the key features and why? We actively thought along, monitored style and consistency, and thus produced five product videos and two feature videos for different vertical markets.

Focus on education

Philips Professional Displays serves four vertical markets: hospitality, retail, corporate & education. The products launched at this year's ISE show are applicable in a variety of markets, but education takes absolute precedence. With the product videos of the Philips Collaboration 3000 and 4000 Series and the feature videos of their own software solutions Philips ScreenShare and Philips Genius, we are creating a mix for both primary and higher education, highlighting the benefits. In addition to the consistency in Philips branding, the repetition of the software applications creates recognition and cohesion.

Working in a team

This is not the first project we have taken on with the team at Philips Professional Displays. For several years we have been a strategic partner for the international teams, providing various video productions and animations and launching and managing online marketing campaigns. And we are proud of that. It gives us both the opportunity to optimize processes, which makes us more and more attuned to each other and quicker to know what we are looking for.

"The whole team and myself experienced the collaboration on all ISE content as very productive, efficient and smooth. "

Suzanne Racz, Global Product Marketing Manager

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Open2 - Display without limits

At the booth, our team's work comes to life. Like last year, Open2 - Display without limits is the theme of the booth. The open character leads you along different routes past an average of 100 displays, including the Philips Unite LED All-In-One. By producing the product video, we can dream the specifications, but 135" does make for a jaw drop. At the show, we got a tour from the marketing team, tested the 40 touchpoints on the Philips Collaboration Display 4152 and had plenty of time in the evening to catch up with the whole team over tapas and paella. Olé!

Not our first rodeo

This is the second year in a row that we provided the audiovisual content for the Philips Professional Displays booth at ISE. Last year we already told more about the process and the result at the booth in Barcelona. A trade show like ISE is the time to launch new products and introduce customers to the latest features. But of course this also happens during the year and the product videos we developed for this purpose, as well as the campaign video for the cooperation with Red Bull Racing, were also on display in Barcelona this year.


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