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Witte van Moort

Witte van Moort

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September 2021

When Witte van Moort began producing moped parts in a small shed in Twente in the 1950s, he could not have foreseen that the company would grow into a top international producer of high-quality sheet metal.

The family business now has the third generation leading the way and together with over 300 employees, they always go for the best quality and sustainable partnerships.

We are partners

Because the old website no longer radiated what they stood for, they started looking for a reliable partner for a long-term cooperation that could offer them a total solution.

We turned out to be the partner who could assist them from A to Z with their (online) marketing. Before we got to work on Witte van Moort's question, we first started investigating who is Witte van Moort? Who are the target groups and how can we best reach them? Together with Witte van Moort, we answered these questions.

They know metal

The goal of the website is to show and convince website visitors that Witte van Moort is the right partner for high quality sheet metal work.

In addition, we want to show that Witte van Moort is the customer you are proud to deliver to and the employer you want to work for for a long time. Based on this we developed the sitemap and created the design of the website. Of course we always have our sights set on the future.

Let's work together on your future. Contact us.

3D technique

The challenge was to present Witte van Moort's high-quality products in the right way.

Because what do they actually do? And why would you choose Witte van Moort? Therefore we used 3D technique on the product photos and made a 3D animation to introduce the target groups to the innovative machinery of Witte van Moort.

Looking for the right candidate

The right employee in the right place, it sounds very easy, but in practice it turns out to be quite difficult.

Therefore we have set up online HR campaigns for the labor market communication of Witte van Moort. Specific vacancies for which it is difficult to reach the right people receive more attention and, by using the right platforms, reach the right people.


Together we are extremely proud of the result: an incredibly clear and well-organized website combined with the right tools for online marketing and sales.

In the past months we have run a succesful online marketing campaign to promote specific vacancies. The online reach of Witte van Moort has increased tremendously and several positions at Witte van Moort have now been filled due to the online marketing campaign. A great partner and we look forward to a long, pleasant collaboration.


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