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Our role
2D Animation

Instruction video

February 2019

Checking a car for damage is a job where you can overlook small bumps. To avoid misunderstandings, Stygos developed a system where that human error is completely sidelined.

This system automatically detects damage to vehicles. It can also compare existing damage with newly incurred damage on a leased or rented car, for example. No more disagreements between customer and lessor! To us the challenging task of making a video for this.

Script and storyboard

For this animation, we were allowed to create the illustrations ourselves.ย 

Creative freedom, we love that. Together with the customer, we determine the content of the animation. We made a script, sketched a storyboard and translated it into an animation.

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2D Animatie with a focus on technology

We came up with the idea of creating a 2D animation in a clean, isometric style.

That way we can highlight more sides of a vehicle and produce a dynamic image. By keeping the background simple, we put the focus on the most important aspect: the technology Stygos wants to show. The challenge was to make the technical side of the story as accessible as possible to the viewer.


The music and voice-over are also edited "in-house" so that we could deliver a complete video.

The video can be used in multiple ways: not only is it a good, clear pitch for investors, but also further down the line it can be used as an instructional video to explain the product to leasing companies, rental companies, garages and insurance companies.


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